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total number of employees at member entities (approx.)

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Research & Development

Comprehensive research and development support for the membership base is one of our core offered service packages . Research and development support includes selection of relevant call, facilitation of the creation of project consortia, preparation and management of innovative plans, and consultations regarding financial and legislative matters.


Support of the internationalization of member entities is a fundamental building block of our services. This support mainly includes partnering for the development of research and business opportunities, support for entry into target markets, provision and organization of exchange stays and organization of trade missions.

Marketing & PR

Promotion of the unique results and successes of the membership base and the Nanoprogress cluster organization itself is a key element for ensuring effective support policies and the long-term sustainability of the association and its members. Nanoprogress uses a number of effective tools such as the membership catalog, website, social networks and promotional videos to promote.

Educational activities

The development of the knowledge base of member entities plays a fundamental role for the effective running and sustainability of the business and scientific research spheres. In this area, Nanoprogress provides professional training, implements professional seminars and webinars and provides specific consultations to the membership based on specific needs.