Research and development of specifically functionalized nanofibrous structures of wider application use

Provider: MPO

The goal of the project is to implement this research program and create a knowledge base with pre-competitive character of research outputs in the following selected areas:

- Identification of suitable input monomers and polymers containing substitution groups enabling the subsequent functionalization of spun polymers using chemical and biologically active substances

- Synthesis of a polymer (polyurethane), which will contain suitable substitution groups for subsequent functionalization and at the same time, in terms of qualitative parameters, will be suitable for innovative applications in the field of biomedicine, food industry, remediation technologies and others

- Improvement of specific physical and functional properties of nanofibrous structures

- Development of procedures and selection of specific materials that will enable the production of laminates in such a way as to achieve the required mechanical properties, increase antimicrobial and antiallergic effectiveness and support their self-cleaning ability

- Optimization of the mass representation of the nanofibrous layer, strength and productivity of linear nanofibrous composite or purely nanofibrous structures for certain input materials

- Development of a combined medicinal product based on a nanofibrous carrier and endogenous material from stem cells atomized into the form of nanoparticles with therapeutic effectiveness