NA(NO) PIVO | Experimental system for the development of the nanotechnology use in the brewing and beverage industry

Provider: MPO

The project is focused on the application of highly innovative nanostructures in the brewing area. The main inention is the application of nanomaterials for the effective use of technological and waste water in order to achieve the target parameters and to strengthen the maintenance of the sensory and qualitative properties of the beer itself.

The goal of the project is to build an experimental infrastructure within the research institute (VÚPS) for the immediate experimental adaptation of technical solutions from the range of material and particle nanotechnology, enabling an accelerated test of assumptions, detection of deficiencies and finding new areas for application. Within the 4 project domains, there's intetion to improve the filtration of technological and waste water, create a biological form of nanocarriers to stabilize taste and texture, or to minimize gushing (overfoaming), in case of that it is possible to demonstrate the nanomaterials of biological origin ability with guaranteed resistance to retain potential inducers such as hydrophobic polypeptides, some metals such as iron, nickel or tin and especially oxalates. Also apply carriers for microbiological commission control and improve packaging forms (e.g. bag-in-box) in order to suppress the unwanted entry of oxygen into the drink and to prevent the leakage of carbon dioxide as a carrier of beer bite in a form that the consumer will appreciate as a solution for a longer sustainability of the drink in domestic conditions.