Innovation and development of cluster excellence and collaborative partnerships (Inno-drop)

Provider: EU

This project is another international project that Nanoprogress implemented and was primarily focused on improving the management of cluster organizations by introducing the concept of cluster excellence.

In addition to the Nanoprogress cluster, the consortium included BNPT, ZINNAE and Water Sensors and Membranes. The implementation phase of the project began in November 2016 and will run until November 2018. Part of the financial resources spent in the project was paid for by the COSME program within the call COS-CLUSTER-2015-3-02, where subsidy support was provided by the European Commission.
The main goal of the project was to strengthen the quality of management of cluster organizations leading to sustainable long-term inter-cluster international cooperation.
During the implementation of the project activities, all planned outputs were delivered on time and to the required extent. So far, a communication plan has been prepared and a selection process has been carried out for training lecturers in five areas of cluster excellence for cluster management representatives. There was an audit of two cluster organizations of the consortium for the bronze medal of cluster excellence and the implementation of two thematic trainings in the areas of cluster excellence. During the whole time of project being Continuous reporting to the European Commission and regular control video conferences meetings took place.