Implementation of processes and activities for continuous improvement of the cluster organization and its management

Provider: MPO

The primary goal of the project is to improve the structure of the cluster and its management processes to maintain its position among the world's best clusters and to meet the specific requirements and strategic priorities of the cluster management and membership base.

The first area of improvement is the cluster structure. This should mainly be achieved by expanding the membership base with quality members who fit into the cluster's value chain, whose area of activity is related to nanotechnologies and who will be able to actively participate in cluster activities.
The second area of improvement is typology, leadership and collaboration. In this area, there should mainly be the preparation and application of activities, internal and external processes and tools for improving the quality of cluster management, improving the performance and qualification of cluster management, and preparing the essential documentation to substantiate during the cluster level assessment by specialized experts. Another goal is to secure financial resources to support the future development of the cluster. Last but not least, the project aims at streamlining the use of information flows and dissemination activities of the cluster to increase national awareness, as well as activities leading to the acquisition of additional partners.