Establishing international research and business cooperation

Provider: MPO

The main goal of the project is the consolidation of cross-border intercluster cooperation with complementary clusters in emerging industries.

This cooperation should primarily support the creation of new value chains by incorporating key technologies into existing ones and thus the faster spread of these technologies, the creation of new products and services and the acceleration of innovation thanks to technological spillovers. Another goal of the project is the expansion of target markets for internationalization and business activities and the establishment of cooperation with facilitators of entry into these markets and potential partners. To increase the competitiveness of cluster members and strengthen international cooperation and internationalization, services related to the support of these activities will be created and improved. Furthermore, the cluster will be presented at international events and the quality of marketing communication tools will be improved. The international evaluation of cluster performance will be carried out in the form of renewal of the gold label of cluster excellence from the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis.