Development of cluster activities and processes

Provider: MPO

The main goal of this two-year implemented project was to improve the structure of the cluster, strengthen the membership base, improve the quality of management and other processes in order of gold label achievement for the cluster within the European initiative for cluster excellence, and thus to be included among the three percent of the best EU cluster organizations.

The project included the preparation and implementation of activities, internal and external processes and tools with the main focus on improving the quality of the cluster base, increasing the effectiveness of cluster management and the implementation plan, as well as expanding the portfolio of services and enhancing the quality of the cluster's public relations. The result of the project was the improvement of the organization's performance, the upgrading of cluster management and the world level of quality achievement of the cluster organization.
To date, cooperation has mainly been established with a number of domestic and international cluster organizations and companies. Additional strategic members were recruited, a study analysis of excellent clusters was also accomplished, and thus the significant shift in the field of marketing and PR was achieved. Marketing study was prepared, in particular, and also the logo, business cards, flyers and overall graphic communication towards specific target groups were updated, a catalog of members and a catalog of nanofibrous structures were conceptually prepared, serving to support the commercialization of the cluster. Appart from that, the web presentation of the cluster has been updated. During the implementation of the project, the cluster organization together with its members participated in the arrangement and/or participated in various events such as workshops, seminars, presentations or events for the popularization of R&D results, etc.
We consider the successful implementation of the historically first Cluster Day in the Pardubice region, where Nanoprogress was the main organizer, and whose primary goal was to present excellent results achieved within the cluster cooperation accompanied by Czech entrepreneurs, media, universities and the general public, to be a great success. This event was followed by the Day of Clusters in the Central Bohemian and South Moravian Regions. The implemented activities took place in accordance with the time schedule. The set goals of the project were met in full.