BINAR | Electrostatic spinning of biopolymers for advanced industrial applications

Provider: MPO

The project is focused on the use of natural biopolymers in a wide range of industries in the form of nanofibrous structures. Their added value is a significantly lower burden on the environment not only during their production, but also in other individual phases of the life cycle up to their biological breakdown and absorbability.

The goal of the project is to verify the transformation of natural biopolymers by the electrospinning method and accompanying technologies (additional composite or surface modification) for the preparation of material candidates applicable in the food industry, nutrition, animal feed, as well as cosmetics and medicine. The framework set of processed material includes brewer's thresh, wine lees, yeast biomass and some materials of plant and animal origin. The fundamental difference is to connect the spinning technology with controlled, clean and air-conditioned process conditions, so that there is no deterioration or contamination of the spun biomaterials. 6 main outputs consisting of 3 functional samples will be achieved: Fibrous biopolymer (file), Experimental infrastructure for the processing of viticultural biomass and Processed viticultural biomass; by 2 proven technologies: Electrostatic spinning of biopolymers, Methodology for predicting suitability for spinning; and by 1 semi-operation: Production capacity in semi-operation mode.