AGRONA | Advanced materials for environmental and food applications

Provider: MPO

The project is focused on application research of advanced materials in the environmental and food fields, primarily on improving the use of wastewater and research of advanced materials to ensure the economic utilization of irrigation water.

The project is a reflection of 4 identified areas within plant production, where there is demonstrably an application opportunity for the real application of technical solutions based on progressive materials, organoelectronics and material nanotechnologies. Specifically, this is the area of expanding the use of water resources for irrigation based on filter modules that will reduce their anthropogenic pollution and contribute to reducing the re-entry of substances such as PPCPs residue, drugs, endocrine disruptors and microplastics into the soil, or to cultivated crops. In all areas, the greatest emphasis will primarily be placed on the immediate applicability of such solutions that will be reliable, user and environmentally friendly, and through their application will contribute to the knowledge advancement in favor of the creation of tools that strengthen sustainability and the use of opportunities.