TERAMED, s.r.o.

Nad Kamínkou 1345, 156 00 Praha

The company TERAMED, s.r.o. is a basic member of the Nanoprogress cluster.

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TERAMED has the facilities to carry out research and development in the field of geological sciences and geotechnics, industrial biotechnology, and material research. TERAMED has laboratory facilities dominated by equipment enabling intact processing of environmental materials and their maintenance in an inert atmosphere. TERAMED operates a special HYDROGEOPARK infrastructure (www.hydrogeopark.cz), which allows demonstration of groundwater management, protection, and use, as well as an active approach to rainwater management in a near nature mode and allows testing in green chemistry mode.



Development of microbial fertilizers (agents for releasing of P and S nutrients from soil for plants and crop), anaerobic microbiology (mobile glovebox, anaerobic chamber, collection of anaerobic microorganisms, large respirometry systems, large-scale production, diagnostic kits), remediation agent production (IRB composite particles for CHS biodegradation, composting accelerators, crude oil product biodegradation by bacteria immobilized in oil droplets, agents for decentralized ), plastic bags cultivation, tracer agent tests in soil (PITT technology), ROUX kit (own kit for estimation of reproduction danger in environmental samples), hydrogeological monitoring with on-line data signal – mobile application), HYDROGEOPARK (facility for field testing in hydrogeology, environmental chemistry, geomicrobiology, geochemistry and monitoring system development – www.hydrogeopark.cz), infiltration tests – mobile device, soil infiltration capacity, drilling works, bioremediation – field application, biocorrosion test simulation, particle surface colonization, isolation of microorganisms, their conservation, characterization, and simulation tests, pavilion for technological development – large infrastructure for environmental process simulation, artificial septic tank for testing of water treatment tools.