Teplárna Otrokovice a.s.

Objízdná 1777, 765 02  Otrokovice

Teplárna Otrokovice a.s. is a project member of the Nanoprogress cluster.

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The company Teplárna Otrokovice the joint-stock was founded in 1992, the central heat supply was modernized and a hot water network was built to supply heat for consumers in the Otrokovice and Zlín - Malenovice localities. In 2012, Teplárna Otrokovice a.s. bought out part of the company NBTH, s.r.o. in Napajedla, which deals with the distribution of heat in the Nábřeží area. The main business is the production and distribution of heat and related services, the production of electricity and its trade. Thermal energy is supplied to industrial consumers in the form of steam. Households get heat supplies for heating and the production of domestic hot water are provided by means of hot water. Electric energy is produced by the Otrokovice Heating Plant in the mode of combined production of electricity and heat.



  • Production of electricity
  • Electricity trade
  • Thermal energy production
  • Heat energy distribution
  • Activities of accounting consultants, bookkeeping, tax records
  • Locksmithing, tool making
  • Production, installation, repair of electrical machines and devices, electronic and telecommunications equipment
  • Production, trade and services not listed in Appendices 1 to 3 of the Trade Act