Nanotech dynamics, s.r.o.

Lounská 498/7, 460 07 Liberec

The company Nanotech dynamics, s.r.o. is a basic member of the Nanoprogress cluster.

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Nanotech dynamics, ltd. is a dynamic start-up, whose core business is the development and commercialization of highly innovative products created primarily on the basis of a revolutionary technology for the preparation of nanofiber structures, which uses high voltage (electrospinning). We build on the know-how of our team, which was acquired during the implementation of more than ten years of research and development in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies at prestigious institutions. Our credo is to provide the customer with a tailor-made solution from the specification of input materials through the delivery of technological solutions and production equipment to the final application. Within the green smart cities sector, Nanotech dynamics contributes to improving the quality of life of the population, supporting the environment and water remediation.



Our main products are Laboratory equipment for production of nanofibers, Personal protective equipment, Nanofibrous biomass carriers for water remediation, air and water filters, Tailor-made nanofibrous materials. These tailor-made materials are divided into two groups: Materials suitable for technical use, such as filtration, separation, special membranes and others, composed of a base polymer and Materials suitable for biomedicine, such as cell scaffolds, skin covers, fillers and others, composed of a base polymer. Main services are Technology development, Product development, Customized production, Specialised analyses and measurements.