Nanoprogress develops the concept of triple helix in the region of Liberec

Nanotechnology is today one of the most promising areas of research and development, which is reflected in being among the key knowledge domains defined in the national RIS3 strategy. At the regional level, nanotechnologies are central to the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Liberec Region, which is actively involved in its development concepts and practical implementation through the Research, Development and Innovation Council. Among the representatives of this board is also the cluster Nanoprogress and its members, the Technical University of Liberec and VÚTS a.s. Thanks to long-term active cooperation between the Liberecký Region and the Nanoprogress cluster, two of its upcoming projects “Development of the Nanoprogress Technology Infrastructure of the Cluster” and “Research and Development of Specifically Functionalized Nanofibrous Structures of Wider Application Application” were included in the Action Plan of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Liberec Region. The Region also promised to attend meetings of so-called user committees consisting mainly of SMEs or research organizations and will be able to direct the progress of the implementation of collective research subprojects to a higher application potential. This will extend this unique platform of public administration representatives and intensify the transfer of valuable information and experience for the effective implementation of the RIS3 strategy, effective support for the acceleration of cooperation between SMEs and the research sphere. This is a significant reinforcement of the concept of triple helix, ie, the interaction of the private, public and academic sphere in the cluster, with the aim of successfully implementing research and development outcomes into practice.

Grow your region 6. 11. 2017

Nanoprogress participated in the International Growth Region conference in Valencia. The European Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe and its Communication on Enhancing and Enhancing Communication have highlighted the need for greater industrial cooperation and strategic links between regional and local ecosystems. Its recent Communication on “Strengthening Innovation in European Regions” 3 and the EU Strategy for Industrial Policy4 also calls for stronger strategic interregional cooperation, sustainable ties and investment.

V4Clusters Go International

Nanoprogress together with CREA Hydro&Energy, CzechBio and Metal Cluster participated on the educational workshop on cluster management internationalization organized by the National Cluster Association. The cluster manager, Mr. Komárek explained to the audience how the participation in international projects and cooperation with other cluster organisations can get them far beyond their borders and bring them new possibilities and open new markets. Within his presentation he also stressed the importance of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and improvement of the cluster management in order to give added value services to its members. The projects AdPack, #innodrop and Natureef were presented to the participants and many interesting contacts, points of view and ideas were shared during the event. Future collaboration was discussed and planned among the participants.

Study visit Solartys 6. 11. 2017

Nanoprogress took part in an international event aimed at enhancing cluster management competencies, a study of excellent clusters that are part of the European cluster excellence network. Two clusters with silver and gold markers of cluster excellence were analyzed as part of this action. Analyzes serve to map common areas of collaboration, to evaluate cluster structure, internal and external communication processes, cluster management, and other strategic areas of cluster excellence. The information obtained was very beneficial and will be used to prepare for the gold mark and improve the services provided to cluster members.
The analysis focuses mainly on the following areas and aspects:
-Cluster structure
o Membership membership
o Competence of the membership base
– Typology, leadership and cooperation
o Monitoring and control processes
o Cluster organization and management
o Internal control processes
o Internal and external communications

Visit of the Israeli ambassador

On April 4, 2019, Ambassador Daniel Meron visited the Nanoprogress Cluster Laboratory as part of a CXI TUL visit. The Ambassador of Israel inspected the practical demonstration of nanofiber core yarn preparation and became familiar with spinning technologies of the cluster.


More information about the event can be found on the TUL website here.

Gold cluster Nanoprogress on Day of clusters

In cooperation with the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, the Faculty of Management and Economics (FAME), the National Cluster Association held its Cluster Day in Zlín on 4 October as its fourth stop in the Czech Republic. As well as in the Pardubický, Středočeský and Jihomoravský regions, the aim of this event was to acquaint the wider public, media, politicians and all regional cluster stakeholders, including companies, universities, schools, innovation and regional development infrastructure, with the activities and successes of cluster organizations in their region and throughout the country. The patron of the event was taken over by the President of the Zlín Region Jiří Čunek and the Mayor of Zlín MUDr. Miroslav Adámek.

The challenging position of cluster managers and their significance for the successful development of the cluster organization were learned at present, which culminated in the award of the best of them. The Golden Cluster 2016 from the hands of Pavla Břusková for the NCA and Adriana Knápková for TBU was taken over by Ing. Luboš Komárek, Nanoprogress cluster manager, z.s.p.o. This year’s rating of cluster organizations was the dynamics of their development, which the Nanoprogress cluster showed at the highest level. In the evaluation of cluster organizations carried out by FaME and the NCA in 2012 and 2016, Nanoprogress moved from 27th to 3rd in order of performance. The long-term involvement of FaME in the evaluation of cluster organizations and the development of cluster policy in the Czech Republic in the form of research, elaboration of certified methodologies and projects, such as the recent V4ClusterPol Visegrad project, Drahomíra Pavelková. (parts of the text are taken from 10.10.2017)



Visit of laboratories within engineering forum

On March 27, 2019, the Nanoprogress Cluster welcomed visitors to the Engineering Forum held at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). Visitors could see a nanofibrous material preparation room on laboratory facilities and view the equipment.

The Czech nano sector introduced itself in Britain

Linking Czech universities and nanotechnology companies with potential UK business and research partners was the aim of Czech Nano Days, an economic diplomacy project organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London, in cooperation with CzechInvest, the Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovation and the Nanotechnology Association Industry in the Czech Republic. Czech representatives met with leading British research centers – Imperial College, London Center for Nanotechnology and University of Cambridge. The course of the Czech Nano Mission to the United Kingdom, on the one hand, showed that Czech expertise in the nano area is unknown in the UK, for example, electron microscopes or nanofibers are used in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, the rapidly expanding UK market for commercially-based nanotechnology products offers new opportunities for Czech companies. The mission was held on 12-14. 6th 2017 and the Czech clusters were represented by Luboš Komárek from Nanoprogress nanotechnology cluster.

Cosmoprof 2019 Bologna

On March 12-15, 2019, one of our members, Sindat, took part in the world’s leading Cosmoprof fair in Bologna, Italy. This trade fair brings together all areas of the cosmetics industry, from raw materials to finished products. As part of this trade fair, he introduced a new cosmetic product (n) fibra care, nanofiber facial masks.

Nanoprogres on week of innovation

The Nanoprogres cluster took a part of the main events Czech Republic’s Innovation Week 2017 organized by the European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI) at the Innovation Summit held at Innovation Summit Prague in the most modern building of CTU. It is the biggest event of the year, aimed at innovation supporting, latest technology and artificial intelligence. It offering innovative workshops, with leading companies represented by the personalities of the Czech Republic. The event was from 22 to 28 May 2017. Our technicians presented device, for the production of spin-spun nanofibers, called AC spinner.

International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating 2019

On March 14-15, 2019, one of our members, Nanopharma, attended the prestigious International Textile Coating and Laminating Conference in Berlin, where he performed and lectured on the use of nanofibers in textiles. This conference is one of the most widely attended conferences of its kind focused on textile coating and laminating. Nanoprogress sees success and is proud to be represented at such prestigious events.

Nanoprogress at the largest fair TechTextil 2017 in Frankfurt am Main

8.5. – 12.5. 2017 Nanoprogress participated on Techtextil / Texprocess 2017, the world’s largest textile trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. The cluster presented its achievements in the research and development of nanostructures and their applications in the textile and other industries. Despite the considerable worldwide popularity of nanotechnology, this area was fairly marginal, a large number of exhibitors were from the Czech Republic, confirming the Czech Republic’s dominance in the field of textile nanotechnologies. Several meetings about the possibilities of future cooperation took place within the fair. Cooperation was agreed on a joint project with the Deutsche Institut für Textil und Faserforschung und Allianz Faserbasierte Werkstoffe Baden-Würtenberg.

IMDEA Água Madrid

On 25 May 2018, the cluster manager participated in an event for the development of cross-sector cross-border cooperation, organized by the Czech Centers together with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Madrid. The venue was the IMDEA água research center dealing with societal water management challenges. The program included networking, presentation and visit to research institutes of this leading institute.

Czech nanotechnologies were presented in the USA

Cluster Nanoprogress together with a delegation of representatives from Czech companies and academic institutions visited the East Coast of the United States between the 25th and 28th of October, 2016, to present Czech nanotechnologies, which are among leading competitors globally, particularly in the field of nanofibers, to potential business partners, as well as elite local research institutions, including the famous Boston MIT. During the official programme, cluster Nanoprogress presented not only its achievements in the field of collective research and development, but also European and Czech cluster policies, the National cluster association and the importance of strategic European partnerships, namely “AdPack” that is focused on advanced smart packaging.

Techconnect USA

Between May 12, 2018 and May 18, 2018, the cluster manager attended the Techconnect USA exhibition. The event is one of the largest nanotechnology events in the United States, attracting specialists in new materials, electronically, defense industry, energy, and biomedicine / biotechnology every year. In addition to representatives of European, American and Asian companies, universities and scientific institutes and representatives of American organizations and agencies, including the Ministry of Energy or Defense, also take part. High added value was presented by the possibility of networking and obtaining information on current trends in the US nanotechnology area.

Unique machine from Liberec sprawles meters of nanofibers

Scientists at the Technical University of Liberec have developed a new method of producing nanofibers. This is a special machine. A miraculous nanofiber siding unfolds from the electrode and floats in the ambient air drifting with electric wind. Nanofibres flow literally like shower water and wrap the unwinding yarn. The development of the machine and its testing has been attended by the scientific teams of the Faculty of Mechanical and Textile Engineering at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) and the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation. The development of the machine was also supported by the Nanoprogress cluster organization.(Source:

Nanoday in Brussels

On May 3, 2018, representatives of the Nanoprogress cluster, Mr. Janoušek and Mr. Komárek, together with other members, participated in the Nanoday Brussels promotion event, which took place in the heart of the European Parliament. The event was organized by Nanoprogress together with ALDE, CzechInvest and the Nanoassociation of the Czech Republic and the aim was to highlight the potential of the Czech Republic in Nanotechnology and thus ensure further support for this dynamically developing industry.

Czech is Nano in Austria

20. 4. 2016 at the embassy of the Czech republic in Austria the presentation of Czech nanotechnological companies was held. The aim of this event was to present to Austrian companies and the press a unique knowhow and demonstrate that the Czech Republic is a worldwide nanotechnology leader. The event was organized within the project of economy diplomacy of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs with collaboration of the Nanoassociation of the Czech Republic and CzechInvest. Nanoprogres participated together with his member, the company Pardam.

Workshop for dissemination of cluster excellence

On April 5, 2018, an event was held at the Technical University of Liberec to disseminate the gold mark of European cluster excellence. This prestigious award means that Nanoprogress is the number one cluster in the Czech Republic and one of the 5% best clusters in Europe. On behalf of Nanoprogress Mr. Komárek and Mr. Havlíček attended the event and among the other participants were representatives of the region, the Rector of the Technical University and the general public.

Nanoprogres on the Second Czech Nano day

Cluster Nanoprogres participated together with its members (TUL, Pardam, Filtrex) in the second Nano day which makes a part of the project “Czech is nano” with the objective to present nanotechnology and nanoproducts to the society. Nanoden is an event where leading Czech companies present to the public news from the field of nanotechnologies. The second year of this event took place on the sixteenth of March at the Biological Park in Brno. For example, companies producing nanofibers, nanofibers and nanoparticles of silver were introduced. (parts of the text are taken from 2.22.2017)
Link to action:

Nanoprogress has earned the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

The Nanoprogress cluster in December 2017 was awarded the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). The entire management team was involved in the acquisition, and thanks to high-quality work and readiness, the cluster ranked among the narrow clusters of excellent clusters in the world.
Basic information and history of the Cluster Excellence project
This project came as part of the work of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). ECEI was created in 2009 under the supervision of the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry to support cluster organizations across Europe. Over the next three years, a total of 13 projects were carried out in 9 countries across Europe focusing on a cluster management study to develop practical methodology and tools to support continuous improvement of cluster organization activities in its areas of activity.

Adpack meeting 2.3.2016

The goal of a working meeting with a representative of the Portuguese company SPI was to support the internationalization and international cooperation of the Nanoprogres cluster. SPI, as a consulting firm with extensive international experience, will work with the cluster on international projects and support the marketing and internationalization activities of the cluster. Participant for Nanoprogres was Luboš Komárek and other participants were Noelia Docil Mayan, SPI Portugal.

Czech is nano Portugal

13.11.2017 Nanoprogress presented Czech nanotechnology in Portugal. The aim of the presentations was to establish cooperation with the Portuguese research institutes and to share the revolutionary results achieved with the help of scientists and companies active in the field of research and exploitation of nanotechnologies. The contacts gained led to the establishment of specific cooperation between the Nanoprogress cluster and the Portuguese research centers.