Technological development of the cluster's research center

Provider: MPO

The implementation of the project began in July 2015 and lasted until July 2018. Part of the eligible expenses was supported by the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the Competitiveness of the Cooperation - Clusters call.

The goal of this project was to continue the development of the Liberec business premises as a priority center of the cluster with open access for the purposes of industrial research, development and innovation. The establishment was equipped with a high-voltage power amplifier, which will allow further research into the world-unique technology of AC electrospinning due to the impact of changes in the frequency and shape of the high-voltage wave on the productivity of the AC spinning process and the quality and morphology of the resulting nanofibrous structures. Furthermore, the project includes the acquisition of laboratory equipment for the preparation and testing of 3D structures, which opened up new research directions for the possibility of applying linear composite nanofibrous structures to areas of 3D filtration. Research equipment for the preparation of a nanofibrous membrane with integrated granulate, with the design and delivery of which, as part of this project was also supported research into the functionalization of nanofibrous structures by sputtering dust particles into the inter-fibrous space and the utilization of these structures, for example, in the field of absorption or protection against dangerous agents. Part of the project implementation was also the technological innovation of the existing AC spinners of the establishment, which enabled increasing of the homogeneity and adhesion of the nanofibrous plume to the carrier yarn and will also expand the processability of nanofibrous formations into flat 3D structures prepared by using AC electrospinning.