Development of the technological infrastructure of the Nanoprogress cluster

Provider: MPO

The project should expand the existing technological base of the Nanoprogress cluster and thus open new ways of the applicability of the world's unique nanofiber preparation technology using alternating current (AC electrospinning). It includes the supply of a functional model of equipment for the preparation and testing of flat and 3D structures and a functional model of equipment for the preparation of 3D nanofibrous structures from polymer and inorganic nanofibers.

The goal of the project is to expand the technological base of the Nanoprogress cluster. The supplied devices should increase the application of nanofibrous structures, e.g. for the purposes of sorption of heavy metals, biomedical applications, applications in the field of inorganic nanofibers, applications in energetics, catalysis, biomedicine, and also expand their use in the range of 3D textiles and enable the improvement of standard products by adding a nanofibrous layer and creating a functionalized structure with added practical value. The newly acquired facilities will allow cluster members access to key technologies and, in addition to the possibility of expanding the product portfolio of industrial members, will allow the expansion of the knowledge base in the field of unique world knowledge obtained through research, design, construction and improvement of existing technology and their parts.