Development of inter-cluster cross-border cooperation in emerging industries

Provider: MPO

The project was focused on the development of the internationalization activities of the cluster and its member base. Eligible expenses were partially supported by the Operational Program Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the Competitiveness of the Cooperation - Clusters call.

The implementation of the project started in January 2016 and ended in December 2017. This project aimed primarily at the development of cross-border research and business cooperation with complementary clusters for the creation of a value chain in newly established industries, selection of target markets and key parameters, improvement of PR and marketing to increase international awareness and inclusion among the excellent clusters of Europe by receiving a gold medal within the European initiative of cluster excellence.
As part of the project, all related activities were successfully implemented, i.e. from specifying the needs of the cluster membership in the development of innovation opportunities, through the analysis of cooperation possibilities in the field of innovation development and mapping of suitable partners to the selection of target partners.
In the case of another long-term activity, supporting the entry of the cluster and its member base into third markets, which interfere in all planned stages of the project, the needs of the cluster member base were specified, target markets were selected for subsequent analysis, and a detailed analysis of the Russian and South Korean markets was carried out.
Cooperation with the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic was very fruitful, thanks to which the Nanoprogress cluster was represented in Brussels as one of the entities officially representing Czech nanotechnology and the National Cluster Association (NCA), thanks to which the cluster manager joined the board of directors and also became a representative of the NCA in the platform for preparation of OP PIK projects and the monitoring committee. During this time, the cluster also visited a number of foreign markets, where it presented its activities and membership through various events. Austria, USA, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Israel can be mentioned by name. The implemented activities were carried out in accordance with the time schedule, and the set goals of the project were successfully achieved.