Development of a reproducible method for the preparation of core/shell nanofibers

Provider: MPO

In the years 2010 – 2013, the Nanoprogress cluster, in cooperation with a total of nine of its members and external companies, successfully prepared and implemented a national collective research project leading to the preparation and testing of innovative nanofibrous structures. The project was part of the Operational Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program within the Cooperation - clusters challenge I (the governing body OPPI - Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic).

The main goals of the project were to design a reproducible methodology for the preparation of "coaxial" nanofibrous structures (core/sheath type), to create a world-unique device for the preparation of coaxial nanofibrous structures and to test the use of these structures in biomedical and other industrial applications.
As part of the project, a methodology for the reproducible preparation of core/sheath nanofibers was designed and a world-unique device for coaxial electrostatic spinning of polymer solutions was constructed. One of the devices was also certified for class A - clean rooms. The produced coaxial nanostructures showed a high application potential in the field of biomedicine, where their effect on accelerating the regeneration of bone and skin defects was successfully tested, and these functionalized nanostructures also proved to be effective systems for controlled dosing of biologically active substances. The successful implementation of the project and achievement of the unique results led in November 2015 to the awarding for the best business project of the year in the category Development of cooperation of companies - clusters by the MPO and the CzechInvest agency. The set project goals were met in full.