Cleaning of broad spectrum polluted waters

Provider: MPO

The project was solving the need for a variable mobile system for cleaning specifically polluted water, applicable both for sources of drinking water, as well as in the context of groundwater remediation or the treatment of leachate landfill water.

The goal of this project was to develop a variable modular water treatment system (VMSČV), including the individual modules that will make up the final system. The variable modular system will be able to be applied to a wide range of waters with different concentrations and character of contamination. A significant innovative element of this system is the high degree of flexibility and universality consisting in the possibilities of rapid deployment for different types and levels of contamination / pollution. The Nanoprogress cluster was involved in this project together with AQUATEST a.s., which provided consulting and engineering services in the areas of environmental protection and water management. This project was successfully completed and all set goals were achieved.