Advanced dual instrument technology of accumulator fire risks in the framework of electromobility and the implementation of activities to identify potentially dangerous shipments

Provider: Ministerstvo vnitra ČR

The project is focused on the development of unique dual-use instrumentation in the conditions of the security corps, i.e., the Czech Fire and Rescue Service.

The device will be practically used only for safe detection of Li-ion cells reactions of various types, different capacities, degree of charge, chemical composition and manufacturers to the most common risk initiatives - external heating to self-ignition, short circuit or disproportionate overcharging with the possibility of measuring the pressure and thermal manifestations of the explosion of these samples in a closed space with the possibility of collecting combustion emissions for chemical analysis to characterize their toxicity. The device will also be simultaneously usable for the safe identification of potentially dangerous shipments, when handling and identification of potentially explosive shipments/substances is carried out as part of the HZS CR activities.