NWT a.s.

nám. Míru 1217, 768 24 Hulín

NWT a.s. is a project member of the Nanoprogress cluster.


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The company NWT a.s. was founded in 1992 in Kroměříž with a focus on sales and services of HW/SW to end customers. It is one of the most important technological and innovative companies in the Czech Republic. Its vision is to bring people the latest world technologies (New World Technologies). Timeless products, smart solutions and the highest quality are the main attributes of NWT. In recent years, it has mainly invested in innovative projects and start-ups focused on sustainable development and global environmental policy.


  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Accumulation of energy in batteries
  • Cogeneration units (common production of electricity and heat)
    Preparation of construction projects
  • Construction of passive houses
  • Panels for passive and zero buildings with proprietary technology
  • Electrical installations (ventilation technology, health technology, service, ...)
  • Construction of turnkey production greenhouses for year-round cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Supplies of computer technology
  • Management, security and IT outsourcing
  • Information systems and applications
  • Call center
  • Holding company