Our team

Ing. Luboš Komárek, MSc.

Chairman of the Board

Ing. Luboš Komárek, MSc. studied Mechanical Engineering at BUT and Business Economics and competition at the INDEG Business School in Lisbon. It has both professional skills and work experience gained in the Czech Republic and during an eight year stay abroad. Nanoprogress is responsible for strategic project management, periodic control of planned activities and outputs according to the implementation plan and industry consultation. Furthermore, he is responsible for presenting the cluster on selected events, supervising the preparation of cluster excellence processes, cluster development and internationalization, patent and cluster policy, and overseeing business activities, is also in charge of project applications for cluster organization development and is responsible for time and material fulfillment project work.



Mgr. Jiří Amler

Internationalization Manager

Mgr. Jíří Amler has a foreign political and foreign business education specializing in the Korean peninsula, where he graduated from postgraduate studies. He has experience with foreign service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Since 2002, he has worked as a sales manager, where he has mainly devoted to export and import activities in the field of building chemistry, textile products, specialty textiles and textile raw materials in a wide range of geographical destinations. During his work, he also devoted himself to introducing innovative textile products, such as 3D knits. He also provided backoffice activities, logistics operations, etc. He lectures externally on logistics and international trade at VŠFS where he leads several final works. She is capable of active communication in Russian, English, Korean and partly German. The cluster is in charge of supporting internationalization and business activities.



Ing. Vojtěch Černík

Chief Accountant

Ing. Vojtěch Černíkhas years of experience in managing and coordinating projects, preparing project work and project applications, managing processes and evaluating project economics. His other competencies include managing and coordinating company operations and managing human resources. Mr Černík also completed a cluster facilitation course, and as a tax adviser assistant he is responsible for the cluster accounting records. In the cluster he is responsible for administration and accounting control.



Ing. Bořivoj Frýbert

Chairman of the Steering Committee

Ing. Bořivoj Frýbert has many years of experience in top management positions, production and general directors, has been a member of a number of associations and statutory bodies and has been the president of the Czech Managerial Association. His main activities include the management of strategic cluster development, control of the implementation of operational plans, co-ordination of the cluster members’ cooperation at the level of their owners, cluster representation at the top negotiations, and motivation and management of the cluster management. He is also responsible for consulting support for strategic decision making and continuation of mentoring and top management of the cluster organization.



Ivo Zavřel

Business manager

Ivo Zavřel has been engaged in foreign trade since the beginning of the nineties and in the development of business relations between Czech companies and foreign partners, especially in Eastern Europe. For six years he worked as the head of representation of Czech companies in Moscow. In his activities, he devoted himself both to the direct export of goods from Czech producers, to the coordination of the supply of more entities for the final customer, and to the management and administration of the supply of investment units for foreign customers. During his activities abroad, he held all necessary business and administrative meetings with foreign partners and also managed in several countries a network of foreign dealers who traded goods of Czech manufacturers. The Nanoprogress cluster is responsible for the development of shared infrastructure through time and factual control and business development.



Ing. Tomáš Janoušek

Manager for cluster lab operations

Ing. Tomáš Janoušekgraduated with a focus on nanotechnology, nanomaterials and biotechnology in the field of wastewater treatment. Within the cluster, he is in charge of plant management and the implementation of partial project work related to research, production and testing of nanostructures.



Mgr. Martin Šlais, Ph.D.

Specialized Project Coordinator

Mgr. Martin Šlais, Ph.D. has obtained a Master’s degree in Ecology and Limnology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and a Doctoral degree in the field of Veterinary Toxicology at the Veterinary Faculty of the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University of Brno. He has significant experience in leading specialist teams in the field of research and development of pharmaceuticals and biomedical innovative technologies. He has authored more than 80 studies in preclinical toxicology. Clusters include, amongst its responsibilities, project applications for contracted research and their timely and material fulfillment.



Ing. Kateřina Lajblová

Finance Manager

Ing. Kateřina Lajblová has extensive experience in financial management in manufacturing and trading companies and service companies, in dealing with banking institutions, factoring companies, and other financial institutions. In practice, he also dealt with financial management in companies undergoing restructuring, as well as experience in the field of company transformation. It is a certified guarantor of double-entry bookkeeping according to valid standards. Its main work in the cluster is financial management and controlling, especially financial supervision of the implementation of individual cluster projects and their link to the cluster as a whole.



Ilona Horníková

Cluster Assistant

Ilona Horníková has high school education and many years of experience with administrative support and leadership of top managers and secretariat management. Its core business activities include keeping records, preparing records, conducting business correspondence, directories, statistics, members’ databases, archiving documents.